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When you hold a Lavinde Copenhagen product in your hand, the first thing you notice is luxury – both inside and out. You know you’ve got your hands on something extraordinary, and you’re very surprised when you see the price of the product, not to mention how amazed you are when you also notice the Allergy Certified certification. 

You feel a sense of security and well-being. We want to go the extra mile - to not only be a brand for allergy sufferers, but to ensure that most people can safely use our products. 

The purest ingredients

We want to create clean and effective products for allergy sufferers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those who want to take the best possible care of their skin and body. We always strive, as far as possible, to include at least 3 active ingredients that work strengthening and nurturing.

The feeling of well-being and quality must shine through from the inside out. So not only is our makeup hypoallergenic, it also contains nourishing vitamins and minerals, such as our mascaras, which contain eyelash serum.

Allergy certified and perfume-free

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to buy allergy certified products of high quality, where there hasn’t been saved on any details in either the design or experience of the product. 

Therefore, all our products are certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic or Allergy Certified, which has the highest standards when it comes to certifications. To meet these high standards, all used ingredients are clinical tested. 

One of the benefits with our brand is that we appeal to a very large target group, and therefore we divide it in two. We have the more allergy conscious consumer (also pregnant/breastfeeding women) and the more result/quality conscious consumer. 

We therefore guarantee a feeling of well-being and safety, when applying a LAVINDE COPENHAGEN product. 

Lavinde Copenhagen i Danish Beauty Award 202

Pricelist 2023

Exclusive displays for exclusive products

The feeling of exclusivity and quality is important all around, and therefore we have glossy acrylic displays in piano black, with beautiful golden details. 

We never do anything halfway, and I can guarantee that we will come up with something unique for you, that creates value for both parties. Everything from beautiful exclusive displays to customer events.  

We value our partners vision, so make sure to share your wishes, for it to match your universe. What you see are only examples of what we can offer, when it comes to measurements etc. 


200 x 593 mm


200 x 593 mm

P24 + P18 + P26 + P28 DISPLAY

200x165 mm, 200x135 mm, 200x120 mm, 200x230 mm


2 pcs of 200x593 mm


975 x 980 mm

Scale up brand

Lavinde Copenhagen was established in 2016 and has since experienced an overwhelming success. In only a few years we are the first brand in the world with a mascara series, eye masks and eyelash serum, certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic. 

We have received several Awards which we are all proud off, latest the Matas Award “Most Lovely Green Partner 2022” for our endless focus on developing allergy friendly cosmetics and skincare products, in great quality and exclusive design.  

From 2019-2022 we have grown with 713% and in 2023 we expect a turnover of 14 million. 

We look forward to our future cooperation

At Lavinde Copenhagen we have our warehouse and production in-house with the benefits of fast and flexible delivery. 

Furthermore, our IT-System can easily be connected to almost any IT-system you might have. 

As a partner, we are very open to most possibilities. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at